Cliff Central’s “Failure” and Lessons For Businesses

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I have heard one too many people say Gareth Cliff has failed, especially in my family. Let’s examine why some might think this.

The perceived “failure” of CliffCentral by many is because people are still using radio as a benchmark.

It’s All About Engagement

Unlike radio podcasting does not need millions of listeners to succeed. Podcasters succeed by building communities around a cause.

The same applies for businesses with a social media presence. It’s not about the number of people following a brand, it’s about how those people interact with the brand. do they look forward to the brand’s messages?

A good way to test if a brand is valuable to it’s followers it to ask the following question, If the brand stopped posting on social would anyone miss it?

Blog Readers and Podcast Listeners Are Different

In my opinion, it was also partly Gareth’s fault because I think he brought the radio mentality to podcasting. He thought he could continue to be the joker like he was on radio.

Podcast listeners and loyal blog readers, myself included, are looking for inspiration. We are looking to connect with people who care for the same things we care about.

I think Gareth Cliff has started to realize what it was like to have people looking at you for answers instead of just being the one asking the questions, because after all questioning is easy.

These days, his morning show features industry leaders, business news and other useful information. Which is a long way from interviewing strippers and sex experts like he used to.

At the end of the day with niches, it’s not about popularity, it’s about getting behind a cause and affecting change.

Lesson for businesses

The days of mass marketing are dying a slow and painful death. Smart marketers and brands realize this.

That is why in the last 60 days, more content would have been uploaded to Youtube than major television networks have produced in the last 60 years..

The main pipe of information i.e. radio, television and print, has exploded into millions of little pipes and people are only interested in what is interesting and beneficial to them, simply because they can.

Today, I don’t have to listen to mind numbing radio when I’m driving because I can tune into my favorite podcast and actually learn something and be inspired.

People on these platforms, i.e. podcasts and blogs are very engaged because they choose to be there.

Key Takeaways For Businesses

  • Don’t focus on you haters. I went into this a little bit deeper in a previous post.
  • Don’t be afraid to be different. Also explained in this post on why you should embrace the freak in you.
  • It’s not about the size of the audience, but rather how engaged that audience is.
  • There is more than one way to reach your audience, keep your options open.
  • People want information how they want it and when they want it.
  • Businesses that produce useful content have a higher chance of winning because people have choices now.
  • What worked yesterday is not guaranteed to work tomorrow. Business do no have to wait for proven methods, just jump in wherever you can add value.
  • Strive to create your own audience, otherwise there are too many places to reach them it can get too much.


Businesses have to be where their audiences are. We also have to realize that in order for our businesses not to be average, we  have to innovate and that includes how we communicate with our customers.

When choosing a platform to advertise on, it’s important to behave and act like the natives of that platform, otherwise you might risk losing the audience. There’s a reason some people hang out on Twitter and others on Instagram or Pinterest.

Whether Cliff Central is a failure or not, depends on what circles you’re in. It’s like the saying, one man’s terrorist, is another’s hero.

Now over to you. What new platforms or methods have you tried for marketing your business?

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Written by Ali Kibao

Ali Kibao

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