How To Improve Customer Service With Facebook Messenger Code

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In the last few weeks we have seen Facebook make some major updates which can help businesses quite a bit, if used correctly.

We’ve already covered the bigger announcement which was Facebook Live, you can read all about that here. The other feature is Facebook Messenger, the Facebook messaging app that we have all been forced to download on our phones by Facebook.

Two things happened with messenger which businesses can experiment with to improve customer service:

  • Facebook Messenger codes
  • Business usernames

Why Is This Important?

Both updates are aimed at making it easier for people who use Facebook Messenger to find and interact with brands through the app.

Some businesses tend to be overly cautious about engaging customers online and with good reason. We’ve all seen, these customer service stories gone wrong on social media or forums.

What these updates do, if people decide to start using them, is make that conversation between customer and brand, private. It is much more manageable and less likely to get out of hand that way. Most of the times, genuinely frustrated customers just want to be heard.

This is almost like QR codes, except Facebook Messenger already has many users.

Business Usernames

facebook usernames

Messenger users now will be able to use the @ sign to find businesses from within Facebook Messenger. To get your business name look at your facebook url. Normally it would look something like It’s important now more than ever to have that name edited if you haven’t already.

To get your business name go to or follow these instructions.

Facebook Messenger Codes

With this update, businesses can now print a code which customers can snap with their Facebook Messenger app and be taken directly to a chat with the business.

Imagine having these on each table at a restaurant where customers can snap and give feedback through an app they already use. These can also work well with events and any sort of activity that could benefit from feedback.

Here are some instructions on how to get your Facebook Code:

  1. Visit your business Facebook page on a desktop computer.
  2. Go to your messages section.
  3. You will see a popup encouraging you to download the code if you haven’t yet. See image below.How to get a Facebook messenger code
  4. Follow the instructions and download the size you’d like to use.

This is what the code will look like.

Facebook Messenger Code

From the customers side, here is what it looks like for them to scan your code.

messenger scan


Whether people will adapt this or not remains to be seen, in the meantime, go ahead and experiment.

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Written by Ali Kibao

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