This. The New Social Network That’s Actually Different

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Imagine if you could only have one meal a day but you could choose anything you want. How much thought would you put into deciding what to eat? My guess is a lot, because you’d want the best, right?

That’s what (@ThisDotCm on twitter) a new social network does.¬†Members can only post one piece of content a day.

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Think before you post

When we are on Facebook and other social networks, we might not think twice before we hit the share button on that cute video. With This however you have to think about it for a second.

The question becomes, is this the best piece of content I could possibly share with my connections today.

I think this will bring a much needed calm to social media. Granted it’s not for everybody and it’s not a replacement for any other social networks, it’s simply a place to possibly discover some of the best content on the internet.

It’s also most likely not for everyone, I can see professionals enjoying this very much but not so much to the general public. I’m in marketing and I’m excited to see what everyone around me things is the best thing they’ve come across that day. is invite only as of publishing this post. You can put your name down to be notified when they open to the public or you can ask around if someone has an invitation for you.

What are your thoughts, would you use This?



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Written by Ali Kibao

Ali Kibao

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